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Overview of Grant Awards Terms

As a condition for receiving our $250,000 grant under the Justice Innovation Prize

( the “Prize”), Dream.Org will require the individual Prize-winner as well as the winner’s

company that receives our funding to enter into a legal agreement with Dream.Org

(the “Agreement”). The Agreement will address the terms and conditions under which

our grant funding must be used in carrying out the work described in the winner’s

application for the Prize.

In this Overview, we provide a summary of the key provisions of the Agreement, so that

prospective applicants will have a sense of what will be required of them if they win the

Prize and accept the grant. This Overview is not the Agreement itself. Grant funds will

not be paid unless and until the Agreement is signed, regardless of whether the Prize

award has already been announced.

Use of Funding: Because Dream.Org is a charity, our grant funding must be used

exclusively for charitable purposes. Awarding the Prize means that Dream.Org has

determined that the winning proposal will meet this qualification. Accordingly, the

company, as the recipient of our grant funding, will be required to use grant funds only for

the project described in the Prize-winning application. There will also be prohibitions on

using grant funds to conduct lobbying, to intervene in political campaigns, or to violate


Reports: To help ensure that grant funds are used only for permitted purposes, we will

require reports at the six-month mark after you or the company have received funding, as

well as upon completion of the project. Each report must contain (1) a description of the

progress you have made in realizing the project; (2) a financial accounting of your

expenditure of grant funds; (3) copies of any publications resulting from the grant; and

(4) a report on your compliance with the Agreement.

Recordkeeping: You must keep adequate records to substantiate your expenditure of

grant funds and maintain these records for at least four years after all grant funds have

been spent. You will also need to make these books and records available to Dream.Org

at reasonable times for review and audit, and comply with all reasonable requests of

Dream.Org for further information.

Media Rights: The Agreement will require you to give Dream.Org a fee-free license to

publish written accounts of the project as well as to use all media assets you develop for

the project. Also, media assets must be submitted to Dream.Org for review, and

Dream.Org will have the right to adapt, arrange, and rearrange them, and/or to combine

them with other materials, as well as to use the name, likeness, and voice of the Prize

winner in our materials concerning the project. Dream.Org will give you a limited right to

use the Dream.Org name in certain non-commercial publicity materials relating to the


Miscellaneous Provisions: The Agreement also contains standard provisions requiring

an indemnification of Dream.Org if we suffer any losses resulting directly or indirectly from

your acts or omissions, except to the extent Dream.Org was responsible. We will also

require a separate release of liability on your own part. Additionally, you will be required

to warrant to us that you will comply with ethical business practices, including compliance

with anti-corruptions law and the disclosure of any government ties.

Remedies: Among other things, Dream.Org will have the right to require you to repay

any of our grant funds used in violation of the Agreement

Remedies: Among other things, Dream.Org will have the right to require you to repay any of our grant funds used in violation of the Agreement.

Let’s transform the criminal justice system and usher in a new era that actually protects communities and keeps families whole.
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