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Meet the Finalists of Justice Innovation Prize!
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Sean Wilson
Organizing Director, Dream.Org

Sean Wilson is the Organizing Director at Dream Corp JUSTICE. Before joining the Dream.org JUSTICE team, Sean was the ACLU of Wisconsin’s Smart Justice Campaign Manager, where he managed the campaign to reform probation and parole. As someone with 17 years of lived experience and direct involvement with the criminal legal system, Sean is committed to impacting change and undoing the unjust policies and legislation that cause so much harm. Sean is a mentor and is featured in the HBO documentary Growing Up Milwaukee, where he shares his experience with the justice system. In addition, he is a sought-after presenter and has been invited to present at colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin. Lastly, Sean serves as commissioner on the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission (GJJC), a State Advisory Group (SAG) that advises the DOJ on its juvenile justice programs and funding decisions, and serves as an independent forum to discuss juvenile justice policy issues.

Evaluation Panel
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