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Meet the Finalists of Justice Innovation Prize!
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Nyra Jordan
Director, Social Impact Investments, American Family Insurance

Nyra Jordan is one of the founding directors of the American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact, AmFam’s innovation hub that leverages venture capital investment and transformative public and private partnerships to address major challenges facing the US. As social impact investment director, Nyra invests in high impact social entrepreneurs, startups, and strategic partnerships that are leveraging climate risk adaptation and mitigation efforts for diverse populations. In addition, she oversees efforts to form collaborations that increase access to opportunity, social equity, and financial mobility including support for individuals impacted by the legal system.

Nyra is a TED speaker and her talk "4 steps to hiring fairly — and supporting criminal justice reform" is available for viewing. She also authored an article: “Second-chance hiring could help solve the labor shortage- and address racial inequality” that was recently featured in Fast Company.

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