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Meet the Finalists of Justice Innovation Prize!
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Khalil (Army) Armstead
Executive Director, Emergent Works

Khalil “Army” Armstead is the Executive Director and a Founding Member of Emergent Works (EW) and has an impressive background in music and ministry. Army featured in several well-known industry publications, including Sway in the morning, Hot97, and recently landed a number 1 record in Australia. Emergent Works is a nonprofit software company that trains returning citizens and those impacted by the criminal legal system to build community programs and products to reduce the harm caused by and one-day end mass incarceration. As the Executive Director, Army takes pride in serving and stewarding this community, ensuring that it is a safe place for all returning citizens and that our software products stay connected to our central mission to generate large-scale systemic change in the movement to end mass incarceration. Army is setting a new standard for reentry work and is committed to extending access and opportunities provided to him as a mentee in EW’s inaugural mentorship program. Introduced to Emergent Works through his probation officer in 2019, Army successfully enrolled and completed the EW 16-week fall cohort and quickly found a safe community where he could grow within.

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