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Meet the Winners of Justice Innovation Prize!
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John Tran
Venture Analyst, Michigan Rise

Dr. John Tran is an investor and seasoned scientist on the Red Cedar Ventures team. With his background in early-stage startups and pre-seed investing, he brings valuable insights to their Michigan Rise Pre-Seed Fund III.

Driven by a passion for scalable innovation, John approaches his role as a venture capital professional with meticulousness and a relaxed demeanor. He takes pride in his ability to identify visionary founders who possess the potential for sustainable growth. By offering support and mentorship, among his focus as an investor is to guide startups towards significant business traction and their next inflection point, ultimately optimizing their chances of securing successful financing to fuel their operation.

One notable aspect of John's expertise lies in his practical experience within the startup realm. He has played a crucial role on the operations team of a seed stage company, where he helped in establishing an exceptional expert network specializing in enterprise research and development. Further, he helped manage a startup accelerator prior to becoming an investor. This hands-on involvement has provided him with invaluable insights into the challenges faced by startups, further solidifying his commitment to their growth.

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