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Meet the Winners of Justice Innovation Prize!
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John Fabricius
Digital Campaigner, Dream.Org Justice

John A. Fabricius, Dream.Org JUSTICE's Digital Campaigner, offers a uniquely personal perspective, having experienced Arizona's legal system both as a family member of an incarcerated individual and having spent 15-years in the Arizona prison system himself. In his desire to understand the complexities of our legal system, he earned a paralegal certificate and an associate degree with focus on Government and Political Science while serving his sentence. This education facilitated his work in assisting fellow incarcerated people with legal matters and led to his role as the Executive Director of the non-profit, Arizonans for Transparency and Accountability in Corrections, an Arizona 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated solely to creating and implementing independent oversight of the Arizona prisons. John's extensive experience, both personal and professional, uniquely positions him to advocate for much-needed reforms in one of the country's most punitive prison systems.

Evaluation Panel
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