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Meet the Finalists of Justice Innovation Prize!
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Jessica Cameron
CEO, Notley Health

Jessica Cameron has partnered with innovators across the technology/startup, philanthropic and investment sectors to bring to life new ventures and programs supporting health equity and economic empowerment, with a particular passion for solutions supporting mental and behavioral wellness for all.

She continues to be motivated by her early experiences as an attorney working with individuals impacted by the criminal justice and immigration systems in this country. She was part of the legal team that won a historical class action addressing unconstitutional use of force in New York City jails (Nunez v. City of New York et. al), resulting in system-wide reforms. Later, as Director of Impact at Wework, she developed economic inclusion programs with a focus on creating good jobs for underserved communities and access to entrepreneurship pathways for underrepresented founders. Most recently, as CEO of Notley Health, she has worked on innovative social entrepreneurship solutions to improve access to quality care.

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