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Meet the Winners of Justice Innovation Prize!
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Hannah Bronfman

Hannah Bronfman, a native of NYC, is a modern-day renaissance woman. As a graduate of Bard College where she studied fine art, she has built a reputation as a celebrity and influencer through her work as a Health and Wellness Expert and Entrepreneur, as well as her passion for investing and activism. Bronfman released her first book, “Do What Feels Good” on January 8, 2019 by publishing house Harper Wave.

Over the years, Bronfman has established herself as an angel investor across multiple industries. Her investment ethos and strategic involvement is to help minority founders who make ‘better for you’ and ‘better for the planet’ products and platforms. She helps companies grow by using her unique POV on branding, influencer marketing, community growth, GTM strategies, leveraging her network and of course her audience which reaches well over 1 million. Bronfman has invested in over 40 companies, many of which have become well-known brands such as Ceremonia, Our Place, Live Tinted, Golde, Topicals, Wellory, Sienna Naturals and Supergreat. Her expertise as an investor has led to widespread recognition among the business community. She has been a speaker at numerous conferences including C2, AdWeek, Cannes Lion and ColorComm.

Most recently, Hannah launched her latest series, LEGACY. LEGACY is an interview series where Bronfman sits down with celebrities, influencers, and key opinion leaders to discuss how they have evolved their careers outside of their normal work or business. Season 1 features Stephanie Shephard, Gary Vee, Sophia Roe, Lo Bosworth and Nyakio Grieco.

Bronfman has been a vocal advocate for social and racial justice and is dedicated to using her platform to increase her followers' awareness of Black History and the challenges that the world is facing. Beginning in June 2020, Hannah began posting “History with Hannah” videos to her Instagram. These videos cover things such as voting rights, civil rights history and the contributions that Black artists and chefs have made to American culture.

Hannah is also an advocate for women on the journey towards motherhood. After receiving overwhelmingly positive responses to sharing her own story with IVF, Hannah began a video series “Baby Banter” where she interviews other moms and experts about all the life changing topics that come with motherhood— from pregnancy and postpartum wellness to balancing being a full-time mom and having a career. The latest season was done in partnership with In The Know.

As a firm believer of the mantra, "your body is a temple," Hannah routinely shares her homemade recipes and workout regimens via her social media accounts. She can be seen concocting everything from her daily smoothie to raw granola to almond milk. This passion for wellness was turned into a brand and an expertise as Hannah has become a sought-after key opinion leader in the space.

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