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George Ploss
Director, NetSuite Accelerator / Oracle

George Ploss was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, specifically in the neighborhoods of Hyde Park and Chatham. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he received his MBA in finance and strategic leadership along with his bachelors in African American studies and Political Science.

While in undergrad, George enlisted in the Marine Corps, Reserves as an infantryman. Upon graduation, George began working for Wolfram Research as a Web Research and Development Program Coordinator. Soon after, George moved back to Chicago and worked for JP Morgan Securities as a Derivatives and Commodities analyst. After which he became a senior analyst at the CME Group. While there, George was recruited to come to Oracle as a Solution Consultant, as part of a diversity and inclusion hiring initiative specifically for Veterans called Operation Forward March. George spent a total of 9 years in the Marine Corps Reserves. His last duty station was 3Rd Civil Affairs Group, Great Lakes naval Station, where he was the Ground Operations Training Chief.  As an SC, George worked as a trusted advisor to help companies acquire ERPs that fit their business model.

Subsequently, George became a Senior Program Manager at Oracle in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Veterans and helped establish relationships and build more diverse recruiting pipelines. After a few years George moved to Austin to run the Oracle-NetSuite Solution Consulting Academy. While there he hired, enabled, and trained multiple, diverse teams of Solution Consultants to do exactly what he did as an SC, be a trusted advisor to companies.

Now, George runs the newly minted NetSuite Accelerator, where he takes the resources of Oracle-NetSuite and uses them to accelerate the success of Startups in incubators such as the Capital Factory.

George has two kids, a golden doodle and loves to hike, play basketball, crossfit, paint and write.

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