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Meet the Finalists of Justice Innovation Prize!
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Chris Bentley
Managing Principal, The De-Carceration Fund

Chris Bentley is the Managing Director of the De-carceration Fund. The De-carceration Fund is a venture capital fund formed to invest and support highly innovative, tech-enabled enterprises that are working to eliminate the suffering caused by the US Criminal Legal System. Our novel approach focuses on investing in and supporting commercially scalable businesses that return power and agency to those from whom it has been systematically taken away.

Chris brings 15 years of impact investing experience, most recently under the direction of impact investing pioneer, Josh Mailman, at Serious Change Investments. Serious Change is an early-stage impact venture firm targeting visionary for-profit companies that drive social change. Prior to that, Chris was a principal at SustainVC and a Co-Founder of GoodCompany Ventures, an accelerator for entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to large unmet social needs.

Chris has a BS in Engineering from Northeastern University and an MBA from Temple University, Fox School of Business.

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